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Click here to see our WBRC 5 minute spot on Fred Hunter's TV show Absolutely Alabama, aired July 29, 2016

here to see my 9/25/11 wakekite vid shot with a GoPro helmet cam

Click here to see 8/17/11 video of me playing with Luke, a black cap capuchin monkey

Lake Wedowee Air Junkeys (LWAJ) 
We are devoted to water fun on Lake Wedowee, AL.  
(some might say obsessed)

  • see our Lake Wedowee Air Junkey's page !


    Top News all pages:
    1.  Our 2018 ski fun days are over for the season, except for a 'flash' notice here and on our Facebook page...Lake Wedowee Air Junkeys for a ski fun day on the spur of the moment.  This means the night before we have a throw down, we send out the word.  Sorry, with tornado damage and so many schedule changes, we only had our June 2 fun date, and had to cancel our 7/14 date for...a little wakesurfing, wakeboarding, kiting, us what you got! 

    Expect us to post the 2019 Ski Fun dates in mid April 2019, with the first being in May.
    More info on Lake Wedowee Air Junkey's page

    2.  Next RCAS book sale will be two Saturdays in late April 2019  9am-1pm in Roanoke.  Dates not yet set.  Raffle, too.

    3.  The 10th Annual Paddlin' 4 Paws Cardboard Boat Regatta Races were not held in 2018, but will hopefully resume in 2019!  Contact Randolph County High School office for information.

    4.  7/24/13 Lake Wedowee's Third Wounded Warrior Appreciation Day rocked!!  Eight Warriors played with us all day.  Fishing, adaptive skiing, wakesurfing, wakeboarding, tubing, & touring.  We had a great time with you.  We love ya!!  Welcome HOME!  And thank you for your service.
         Photos July 24, 2013
         Photos July 10, 2013
         Photos July 11, 2012


                                                                    2014 Paddlin' 4 Paws event photo
    Patt, with the Bob Fincher/Wier Grading and Clearing boat, exits the ship several times during the Demolition Derby to 'attack' other boats.  This is how a 63 year old has fun! Teammates shown are Sandra Adderhold and Sharon Griffin, plus Patt's hubby on far right, Kees Collee.

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    2.  Videos
         RCAS races:

         2012  Cardboard Boat Race     Produced by Nathan Young,
         2012  Cardboard Boat Race 2  Produced by Matt Shelley, The Randolph Leader newspaper

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