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Click here to see our WBRC 5 minute spot on Fred Hunter's TV show Absolutely Alabama, aired July 29, 2016

here to see my 9/25/11 wakekite vid shot with a GoPro helmet cam

Click here to see 8/17/11 video of me playing with Luke, a black cap capuchin monkey

Lake Wedowee Air Junkeys (LWAJ) 
We are devoted to water fun on Lake Wedowee, AL.  
(some might say obsessed)

  • see our Lake Wedowee Air Junkey's page !


    Top News all pages:
    1.  Our 2017 ski fun days are May 27, June 3, and July 22.  Aug 5 is tentative, depending on interest.   A little wakesurfing, wakeboarding, kiting, us what you got! 
    More info on Lake Wedowee Air Junkey's page

    2.  Next RCAS book sale will be in October 2017  9am-1pm in Roanoke.  Dates not yet set.

    3.  Next Cardboard Boat Regatta Races are May 2018 at Lakeside Market and Grill.  Contact Randolph County High School

    4.  7/24/13 Lake Wedowee's Third Wounded Warrior Appreciation Day rocked!!  Eight Warriors played with us all day.  Fishing, adaptive skiing, wakesurfing, wakeboarding, tubing, & touring.  We had a great time with you.  We love ya!!  Welcome HOME!  And thank you for your service.
         Photos July 24, 2013
         Photos July 10, 2013
         Photos July 11, 2012


                                                                    2014 Paddlin' 4 Paws event photo
    Patt, with the Bob Fincher/Wier Grading and Clearing boat, exits the ship several times during the Demolition Derby to 'attack' other boats.  This is how a 63 year old has fun! Teammates shown are Sandra Adderhold and Sharon Griffin, plus Patt's hubby on far right, Kees Collee.

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    2.  Videos
         RCAS races:

         2012  Cardboard Boat Race     Produced by Nathan Young,
         2012  Cardboard Boat Race 2  Produced by Matt Shelley, The Randolph Leader newspaper

         2011   Cardboard Boat Race
         2011   Cardboard Boat Race 2   
         2010   Cardboard Boat Race
         2010   Cardboard Boat Flotilla Race  
         2010   Cardboard Boat Grudge Race
         2009   Cardboard Boat Race                             

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