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Lake Wedowee Air Junkeys

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Lake Wedowee Air Junkeys
Homegrown Band, a Wedowee favorite!          

My second wakekiting vid...9/25/11...with helmet cam

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Quick hits: on this page
Ski Fun Days for all ages
Ski Fun Day Photo Albums

LWAJ media stories:
Anniston Star newspaper on Ski Fun Days 7/17/11
Randolph Leader newspaper on Hydrofoiler show 6/29/11
USA Waterski magazine story on RCAS fundraisers
  3/15/11 pg 28
                                     Lake Wedowee Air Junkeys (LWAJ) 
                                     We are devoted to water fun on Lake Wedowee, AL.  
                                                                             (some might say obsessed)

  • Ski Fun Days are for boats with riders that want to show off tricks for other riders!
  • The day's schedule is below all the action pictures. 
  • Come check in with Wild Woman!  (The colorful 'Air Junkey' boat with the parrot on the sides) 


We had an informal ski meet in 2007, and the Lake Wedowee Air Junkeys were born. 
Since then we've grown into a group of friends who have hosted two USAW Grass Roots Ski
Tournaments and five Cardboard Boat Regatta Races. 
So join in the fun and let's get wet and wild !


Lake Wedowee Ski Fun Days

For skiers, wakeboarders, wakekiters, and hydrofoilers
 to share toys, hop boats, 
  meet new friends to ride with, to compete, and to SHOW OFF !


                        Ya'll come on out and meet some new friends that like to use all the toys and fav spots!

The oldest 'ride the whip' position for the conga tow line


Kees, 83, is our most senior rider; hydrofoils and surfs           
 Patt's look when she sticks a 360....chin out, hand on hip w/a victory fist....But this is the look when she misses!


2017  Wade, 4, and I rode doubles for a mile on the hydrofoil !       This is his first surf ride, age 3, and brave enough to wave!

                  Gail, Patt, Pam and Penni attempt a quad pull.  Patt was the only FAIL


                                                Patt (65) and Riv (8) did a high five at the top of the wake, then held hands as we surfed!

                              Love the Airshot 9.0....I have gotten 20' off the water...and the view is FINE!!

        Wade and Bradley Bozeman (UAB #75), Captain, now Ravens #77 Offensive Lineman, starter since 2018!

                                         New water toy instructions, a difficult towable, before turning the kids loose!
                                                           So far only two of us OVER 60's have ridden it standing,
                                                  with a cowboy yelp, one hand on the rope and one hand in the air!

                                                                               Three original members of the LWAJ's; Riv, Shane and Ashley

                                         More original LWAJ's Sabrina and Jake....Dad Jon in photo below about to catch the football

               Quick reactions....teens lobbed the ball (top center):
              Ashley on left saw it.  Jon's hands coming up to catch the rogue ball

We got lazy and didn't post albums anymore, sorry.
2011 Ski Fun Days photo album
2010 Ski Fun Days photo albums (6)

Includes the Wee Wedowee Air Junkeys, (July 28 & August 18th),
Lake Wedowee Air Junkeys, (July 10, July 31, August 21, and Sept 18)
and the Heart of Dixie Hydrofoilers group, (9/18/11)
hydrofoilers event
included 25 foilers from several States, and threw down some
huge air tricks that afternoon at the Wedowee Marine Customer Appreciation Day.

2020 Ski Fun Day Schedule: July 18, 11 am

This is our 14th year of meet ups and hanging out as a ski group.  We are a small group of active riders meeting to share riding tips and tricks by jumping on each other's boats, trading kids and equipment, etc.  Then we get to know each other better at our lazy cove for an afternoon float/lunch.  It's our lake family!! 
11:00am CST   We sorta gather in our fav spot,and ride as we wish.  We leave some members/boats swimming/anchored to hang out.
Others Show off, trade tips, catch a ride on a boat you admire, meet new friends with similar interests. 

e to into the cove for lunch.  We anchor, eat, and swim from boat to boat.

   Conga line tow of the youngin's, then maybe some cliff jumping

Home by 5pm for us oldies!   LOL.

Go fly a kite....with a water toy; ski, kneeboard or a wakeboard 
                         Mike Murphy, founder of Sky Ski foils                          Bob May launching his seaplane from truck    


                                       River White on ski trainer; now 11, he wakesurfs and gets air on the wakeboard

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