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Paddlin' 4 Paws Cardboard Boat Regatta Races

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In 2014 RCAS turned over the races to the Foundation for Randolph County Schools.  In 2016 the Randolph County High School, in Wedowee, AL took over the event.  The races were not held in 2018, but we hope they will resume in 2019.  Contact the high school for info.

The 5/9/15 7th Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta Races, made a profit of $17,236! 

The shelter did 10% of the work, and Foundation For Randolph County Schools did 90% of the work, and therefore FRCS received 90% of the profits!  Access many photos on the facebook page of Foundation For Randolph County Schools page!

Click here for 2012 vids and pix. 
Please go to www.randolphshelter for 2013 and 2014 vids/still and media hits! 

                                                           PIRATES RULE!!!!    LANDLUBBERS DROOL    LOL
First Place Photo by Jane Teuscher; rappelling a boarder from the Auburn Alabama House Divided boat

                                    Second Place Photo by Jane Teuscher; the epic Demolition Derby battle

                                           Her new RCAS puppy !!    Third Place Photo by Rick Bloomfield
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Our 2012 4th annual boat races raised over $21,403, after expenses.  Thanks to all the rowers, sponsors, and
spectators ...we had a huge turnout for the 4th
Annual RCAS Paddlin' 4 Paws Cardboard Boat Regatta Races held at Chimney Cove in Wedowee, AL.
We had 43 homemade boats, with 138 paddlers racing in 9 heat trials. Paddlers earned 26 photo plaque awards for competition in the 5 different races: heat trials, Grudge Match, Flotilla Race, Parent-Youth race, and the crowd pleasing free for all...the Demolition Derby race !

Media stories for Randolph County Animal Shelter   

2012 Video by Nathan Young     Click here for more RCAS race vids

 RCAC Story    
In 2009 the Lake Wedowee Air Junkey's saw a boat race and brought the fundraising idea to the Shelter's attention.  In 2009 ten boats arrived to play and we raised $1,000.  The next year, 2010 we had 35 boats and 77 rowers competing for 23 photo plaques and other awards.  We raised $5,500.  And in 2011 we had 34 boats and rowers competing for photo plaques and we raised over $12,300 for our Shelter animal needs.  2012 we had 43 boats and 138 paddlers, and our profit was $21,403 for our animals. 

We have great supportive partners assisting us (see Sponsor Page) and many dedicated volunteers including photographers, judges, boat inspectors, cooks and servers, and the all important paper pushers who make it all happen.

We welcome you as a volunteer, competitor, sponsor or spectator; no reasonable offer refused ! 
Even if you don't ROW ROW ROW a boat you will have a lot of laffs.  And while you and the family are having fun, please be assured that all proceeds from our event program, boat entry fees, silent auctions, raffles, RCAS lunch food, RCAS booth and event t-shirts, ALL go directly to RCAS to benefit our animals.

   What the heck is a cardboard boat and can it really float ?
You build a boat using our designs if you like, then get you and you friends inside it and row it around the course buoys for awards and fame.  Don't laugh, cardboard boats can float, and last year many boats raced three times.  And of those we expect many will return and go for it again.  But here's the catch; You may only use corrugated cardboard (layered, it is strong), a little Liquid Nails, contact cement, masking tape, and water proofers (paint, varnish, Thompson's).  But no wood, styrofoam, fiberglass, or  plastic .... except for your oars and paddles.  Download the "How to Build A Killer Boat and Race It' manual for boat designs, approved materials, and race rules. So wear costumes, have rowing theme music, or bring a lively rooting section with you. We have had rowers from age 4.5 - 76 and you too will have a blast !

So don't hang on the shoreline this year scoffing at our ugly boats; Shanghai a crew of your workers, kids, clubs and church groups and begin collection sturdy corrugated cardboard. 

Additional resources to inspire/perspire over:  Let this info help you !!
Google search engine:  LOTS of info.  Type in key words as cardboard boat, cardboard boat images, cardboard boat design
Excellent vids on boat construction  Video One   Video Two
We aspire to be like this kewl vid of Tempe, AZ event
Our Heber Springs, AR  25th Annual World Championship Boat Race 7/30/11   boat pix

                                                             Prior Races:

Re all photos below: No charge to download.  Rick Bloomfield albums are copyright protected and need consent to use.  Click on the album you want, then choose slide show or singles:
    Slide show:
Above the first photo in the file click on the button 'slide show'.  When it open use controls to set photo speed.
    Individual Pix:
Just click again on the first picture. When it opens click 'view full screen' located just above the first picture.  Then use the arrow keys to view photos in the series.

 2012 Race Videos and Photos:                                
Cardboard Boat Race     Produced by Nathan Young,
Cardboard Boat Race 2  Produced by Matt Shelley, The Randolph Leader newspaper

RCAS photos  From RCAS boat   From other photographers
Geek Alabama 36 photos  
The Randolph Leader newspaper 36 gallery photos

2012 Photo Plaque winners list

2011 Race Videos and Photos
:  Thank you Ricky Sledge, at the Randolph Leader, for allowing us to use this.   Thank you, John Denney for allowing us to use your video.


Award winners

2010 Race Videos and Photos:
1.  Flotilla Race: the final race of the day
2.  Grudge Race 

3.  Photos                                      

4.  Vid by Ricky Sledge, Ranolph Leader: 

2009 Race Video and Photos:   by Ricky Sledge of the Randolph Leader
Randolph Leader:  

TEC (Roanoke Phone Company) 2009 Newsletter below:
The company thought their entry was a hoot and put it in their national newsletter below.  The Boy Scouts boat won the Titanic Award; most spectacular unintentional sinking after making it at least 50' from the dock and trying to save their sinking ship.  And yes, they did return to the 2010 races; on their test drive 5 days before the event they sunk.  They quickly rebuilt, and sunk again at the races !  Yes, they did better in 2011...they won The Tug award for the largest vessel to finish the race with crew inside !!

Pell City, AL 2011
Float Yer Boat Regatta Race 
  Boat pix and Civitan pix  both offer free downloads
     Logan Martin Lake Life video  for our two race boats; view at start, then 8, 9, and 12 minutes
     YouTube video

     Daily Home Newspaper
8/27/11 article, photo, photos
     Logan Martin Lake Life Magazine Story with photos and vid

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