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Wreaths Across America

Wreaths Across America

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2018 Ft. Mitchell, AL videos
I am thrilled to see the event we started at Ft. Mitchell, flourish after we departed for a closer location in 2012.  Proof of the pride in our Veteran's and serving forces:
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The third video you have to be on Facebook to see.

Click here to see 12/10/11 Ft. Mitchell National Cemetery wreath laying media story and vid, and here for photos.

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Videos:  What is Wreaths Across America?
Our Mission
Volunteers and Partners and Special Thanks
Calendar of Events

                                Wreaths Across America 
                              Ft. McClellan Military Cemetery, Anniston, AL.
*                                                                                                           Next date:  12/19/2020 at 11am CST

Our group participated at Ft. Mitchell, in years 2006 through 2011.  That ceremony is the same date 12/19/19.  
And now Ft. Benning Georgia, has a ceremony that date, as well.  But it is held on Eastern Time, at noon.

Media coverage
12/14/11  The Randolph Leader Newspaper
12/01/11  The Randolph Leader Newspaper
12/11/11  WTVM Columbus television print story

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                                                      (We used the hospitality food table as a background
in the first two.)


Boy Scout Troop #222 of Lineville, AL and Troop Leader Chris Wakefield laid wreaths of remembrance at the Lineville City Park (after riding the fire truck in the rainy Christmas parade)

Front Row:  Travis Pollock, Tanner Wakefield, Riley Milstead, Jacob Smith, Hollard Hardegree.  Back Row:  Wyatt Pollock, Chris Wakefield, Michael Morrison, Joe-Bob Smith, Patt High, Cole Wakefield, Connor Griffith

                                    We are one of 600+ participating cemeteries nationwide
There is no cost to attend the event.
                                            Arlington National Cemetery photo from 2009

 What is Wreaths Across America ?
These inspiring video explain Wreaths Across America; 2009 and 2006 videos.


 Our mission is to Remember, Honor and Teach;
From the website:

"Our mission, Remember, Honor, Teach, is carried out in part by coordinating wreath laying ceremonies on the second Saturday of December at Arlington, as well as veterans’ cemeteries and other locations in all 50 states and beyond. 

We also organize a week of events including
international veteran’s tributes, ceremonies at State Houses and a week-long “Veteran’s Parade” between Maine and Virginia where we stop along the way to spread our message about the importance of remembering our fallen heroes, honoring those who serve, and teaching our children about the sacrifices made by veterans and their families to preserve our freedoms.

This week of events is made possible by thousands of volunteers who organize local ceremonies, raise funds to sponsor wreaths, and participate in the events. We receive no government funding."
                                        A passerby saw this scene at Snelling National Cemetary in Minnesota

The project began 18 years ago with one man's vision of honoring Veterans by placing wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery graves for the holidays.  The Worchester Wreath Company, and Morrill Worchester, have donated over 100,000 LIVE wreaths to both Arlington and many national cemeteries. 

Our goal is to honor past, present and future servicemen and women in the five branches of military service, POW, plus MIA and KIA.  We lay wreaths of remembrance* and participate in the 11am CST ceremony. We remember the sacrifices of the fallen, honor their service, and teach our children that freedom isn't free.   We know our servicemen and women, especially those who are exposed and vulnerable overseas, away from their loved ones, appreciate our recognition of their service.  We invite you and your friends to join us and demonstrate your heartfelt pride and gratitude for their service.

In 2006 the Wreaths Across America project became a national event.  Ft. Mitchell, AL (near Columbus, GA) was the closest participating National Cemetery to us.  Patt High and other Randolph County supporters worked with the Civil Air Patrol coordinator, from 2006 through 2011.  The ladies rallied friends, school youth, and business', and purchased 350 wreaths for the wreath laying ceremony.  They also provided the hospitality/food table each year.  In 2012 they moved their attentions to the Fort McClellan Military Cemetery in Anniston, AL, which is closer to them and their supporters. 

We left behind our legacy of 350 re-useable wreaths to the the Cemetery Director at Fort Mitchell National Cemetery, so they may continue the tradition.  And since that time they do only live wreaths, as they do in Arlington, because of the quantity of new supporters and benefactors for this day.  We are so proud to see the event flourish, and show our pride of our Veteran's and serving members.  We love you!

 2011 Volunteers

Our Project Volunteers and Partners

The United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley volunteers, Patt High, Sandy Adderhold, Jim Adderhold, Kees Collee, and Dr. Russell and Mrs. Katie Peterson, Boy Scout Troop #222 from Lineville, AL and Clay County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Mary Patchunka Smith, Bank of Wedowee, Roanoke Rotary Charities, and Small Town Bank.

Special Thanks:
November 2010, Sams Club and WalMart donated a large storage unit for our wreath storage.  The addition of this building on site at Ft. Mitchell allows us to purchase up to 700 more wreaths for our project.  We also appreciate Ft. Mitchell Cemetery Director James Sanders efforts to get permission for this to happen on Federal property; including grading a level spot in a secure location.

Patt High presents one of several beautiful large wreaths wreaths of remembrance decorated with laminated cards "In Honor Of" or "In Memory Of"  a loved one who is a Veteran, or a currently serving member of the military.  On one side of the card is the logo of the branch of service (or MIA/KIA, or POW). 

                                          1918 Human Statue of Liberty
18,000 troops standing tall, at Camp Dodge, Des Moines, Iowa

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